”Creating without claiming,
Doing without taking credit,
Guiding without interfering, 
This is Primal Virtue.”



A "takeaway scene" is a single-take scene which prioritizes the rehearsal process, character exploration, and creating a safe environment devoted to the performers above all else. Although anonymous, the Takeaway community expands with every scene. We are a growing family exploring the human condition.



I. Scenes are composed of 2-5 actors, no exceptions. 

II. Scene scripts must be adapted from a stageplay or originally written.

III. Scenes must be filmed in a single continuous take. No cuts. No cheating.

IV. Camera submits to the performers. It should not inflict itself upon them. 

V. Film lights are prohibited. Only natural lighting or practicals allowed (e.g. a lamp, a fire, car headlights).

VI. Participating actors must write their own character backstories.

VII. After shooting, the favored take must be selected within 24 hours with the actors present to review takes if they desire and are available. 

VIII. No music may be added in post.

IX. There will never be credits for anyone involved. Participants will never publicly reveal or acknowledge their own involvement with a scene, or release any information that would reveal anyone else’s involvement with the Takeaway Scenes project.

X. Scenes will only be featured on official Takeaway Scenes channels with a distinct number/word moniker. 


I. Honesty is king. 

II. Perfection does not exist. There is only experimentation.

III. There are no schedules, regular events, or deadlines. There are only scenes, and the people crazy enough to make them.


Inquiries or info on submitting scenes: takeawayscenes@gmail.com